Plan your garden


When it comes to planning a garden, you must take your time and think about how you intend to use this valuable space.

You may require a play area for the children or grandchildren, a place to relax or entertain, to attract wildlife back into your garden or a hidden area of the garden for your husband to do the weekend D.I.Y, so that you can still relax with a glass of wine and book without been disturbed by the hammering and drilling.

You may have a small court yard garden or half an acre,what ever your garden it can be functional and interesting.

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Next would be what sort of materials would you like to use, if you choosen a contemporary design, metals and glass, rendered walls  would go well if you have a small garden it will reflect light and make it brighter and inviting.


 The material list can be endless, that''s why you must have a realistic budget in mind because the cost of gardening has changed over the years with the great demand. 

There is more to landscaping than a lawn today, it has become a strong statement to any home and  most of all adds value to your property. Having the vision for your garden is just the start, alot of hard work follows but plenty of years after enjoying it.



When we are asked by you  to design your garden , we closely work with you and take into consideration your needs. We advise and also put ideas forward and come together with the main design which can involve planting , electric points,  lighting, water features, decking etc.

When you are happy with the design, we then take control of your garden so you can carry on as normal with your family. We are always at hand to answers questions and tell you how we are doing we never leave the project till its completed.



We are strong believers on recycling any materials which can be salvaged from your garden and to use them in your new garden project, for example plants, soil, sandstone etc.



If you already have the vision and have little time or you just don''t know where to start, let us Stepping Stone help you create your garden without all the stress. 


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